Calotte Academy 2024 - Call for Papers

The Calotte Academy 2024, with the title Environmental Security vs Military Security, is planned to take place in 8-16 June 2023 in Sapmi, the European Arctic. Its sessions and excursions are (tentatively) planned to be organized in Kiruna & Luleå / Boden, Kautokeino & Kirkenes, and Rovaniemi & Sodankylä & Inari.

The theme is inspired by the world (dis)order of mounting multi-crises with the two-fold, partly controversial, realities: Start with grand environmental challenges of the Anthropocene (pollution, global warming with extreme weather conditions, the related loss of biodiversity), accelerated by the mass-scale utilization of resources, and political inability of states efficiently to manage the ecological catastrophe, which threaten human and environmental security, as well as the entire human existence. At the same time, there are great power rivalries with growing arms race and expiring arms control / disarmament agreements, new East-West tension with tit-for-tat, war-mongering and hot / proxy wars, as well as continuing warfare in Africa and the Middle East, and rising flows of migrants / asylum seekers for example, across the Mediterranean and Rio Grande. Finally, as an overarching trend the domination of securitization is everywhere, indicating an obvious antagonism between ‘militarization’ and ‘environmentalization’ of societies, policies, trans-boundary relations and media.

The 2024 Academy will be organized, as the previous ones, with a spirit of an open dialogue and a participatory approach to discuss, examine and analyze relevant Northern / Arctic and global issues. The Academy aims to apply the double interplay between science, politics and business, and that

between scientific and Indigenous knowledge, as well as to educate, supervise and train early-career researchers, as well as advanced MA students, in interdisciplinary studies and implement a transdisciplinary dialogue between different local / regional stakeholders.


This is the 1st Call for Papers for early-career researchers (PhD candidates, post-docs, advanced Master’s students), and established researchers with different academic backgrounds to participate & present their work in the 2024 Academy. The Academy allocates small grants for those who are accepted as participants covering travel, accommodation, and lunches during the Academy, as well as conference materials.

The deadline for applications is 15 April 2024.

Applications must be submitted online at