Call for Abstracts for the Arctic Yearbook 2022: The Russian Arctic - Economics, Politics & Peoples

The Arctic Yearbook ( is calling for abstracts for its 2022 volume.

The Arctic Yearbook is an international and peer-reviewed volume which focuses on issues of regional governance, development, environmental politics, circumpolar relations, geopolitics and security, all broadly defined. It is an open access, online publication.

This year’s theme is “The Russian Arctic: Economics, Politics & Peoples”. The Russian Arctic comprises over half of the entire Arctic’s surface area, almost half of the Arctic Ocean coastline, 69% of its population, and 73% of its economy. It is an incredibly important part of the Arctic region. Yet it is often misunderstood to external audiences and stakeholders, with superficial characterizations due to a lack of up-to-date information. There is a need for more nuanced and sophisticated English-language scholarship on the Russian Arctic, especially from Russian authors themselves.

This Arctic Yearbook seeks to explore, analyze, critique, and deepen our collective understanding of the Russian Arctic and its economy, politics and societies. As Russia chairs the Arctic Council; as a coming oil, gas, and minerals boom strengthens the Arctic’s global influence; as pollution and climate change reshape the Arctic environment; and as northern polities and peoples demand more attention and control, it has become critically important to collect open access, high quality, and informed studies on the Russian Arctic. The Arctic Yearbook 2022 aims to answer this challenge.

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